Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CC Bums- wipes

i've used baby wet wipes for ever- for more than just what they're intended for. ;) 

Great for baby bums, of course, but what about those little sticky faces? fingers? a quick wipe down of the fridge? a mess on the floor? is it soft enough to use on a window?

guess what.. yes they are!! :) 
beCAUSE.. cloth baby wipes can be used for ANYTHING. :) 

flannel, cottons, velours, even sherpa and micro fleece.. are GREAT options for reusable wipes.. and we carry them all. :) lots of prints, lots of solid colors.. either purchase them straight from the online store, or custom order them to your liking. 

they are 5x7, $1.50 each.. so great size, rounded edges, and won't break the bank. :) 
and especially great option if you're shopping for a baby shower! can be used for washcloths, too!

a great versatile product.. 
take em in the car, leave em in the kitchen.. 
many ready to ship, and of COURSE many fabric options for those who prefer to choose their own fabric.
check them out here (clearance), and visit our fan page for more info/options.

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