Friday, March 15, 2013

Personal Indie Polish- part 3

The last posting of my personal Independant (homemade- not by me) polish collection!

Today we're featuring a glow in the dark polish by Kawaii, and a glitter by Liquid Lacquer.. both of which I have in mini's.. but they do come in full size bottles.

Kawaii's polish, Light up The Night, is a pretty light blue glitter. They are small glitters, and a bit "grainy", texture wise. Density wise, it's also good coverage and easy to take off. I know some glitters can be crazy dense, and a pain in the patootie to get off because there's just so much of it. It doesn't take much with Light up The Night to get it just right.  It's VERY easy application, you don't need a lot of it. It's fun to use as a top coat as well! (wearing 1 coat in these photos)
.. and after you leave it on for a bit to soak up some sun.. it glows a pretty blue in the dark!!

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it in the dark very well. But all you have to do is contact her to purchase your own and you'll see for yourself! :)

The other one by Liquid Lacquer is called Speed Stick. The pieces in this polish aren't really "glitter".. they are more like black flakies, combined with colorful circles!! I like this one because it's not "over the top", it's not a crazy glitter, nor is it "pretty". It's just fun to use. :) And it's very smooth! The pieces don't stick out, the lay perfectly on your nail, and they're not overwhelming or dense. (wearing 2 coats in these photos)

Here's are the links to shop these store, and fan them on Facebook! :)

Kawaii- Fanpage and Etsy store

Liquid Lacquer- Fanpage and Bigcartel store

I hope you enjoyed seeing some homemade polishes! I have some MORE fabulous Indie polishes on the way from another fantastic WAHM! :) I'm so excited to show you what's coming! :)

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