Friday, March 8, 2013

Personal Indie Polish- part 1

This is the first blog post in a series of 3 about my personal collection of Indie nail polishes.

I want to remind you first of all that i'm not a beauty blogger, i just like to help home businesses. So I created this blog to be able to tell people about the stores i come across. :)
I hope you enjoy this series! :)

Now.. the first ones i'm using are called Bedazzleberry Rose and Mint. These are mini's, they were sent to me by a close friend.

Bedazzleberry Rose is a baby pink base with a pearly finish, and "splashed" with a bit of different colored and sized hexagon glitters.
Bedazzleberry Mint is a blueish mint without the pearly finish, and incorporated with the same glitter.

This brand contains harmless ingredients, dries super fast, and it's very durable!
Personally, this pink doesn't really speak to me.. but i'm not huge on pinks anyway. I do really like the mint, though. Not like something i would grab for every time.. but definitely a keeper. :)

It took 3 layers for me to get the coverage I wanted (note: i like to do thinner coats. if you like to do them thicker, 2 will be enough). is where you can shop for more products by this seller!

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