Monday, February 11, 2013

All That Jazz

I was contacted by Kari at Crafts and All That Jazz to write a review on her unique necklace. I said "sure, i can do that for you!"

Got it in the mail a few days ago.. not really what I was expecting.
No metal wires, no clasp in the back, no beads.. nothing fancy schmancy.. but still.. beautiful!
I've never seen a necklace made like this :) And i'm impressed!

It's very lightweight, just long enough to go over your head.. it doesn't get stretched out..

At one point, I actually forgot I was wearing it. I wore it all weekend.. working at Kohls, doing some housework, taking a nap, going to church, taking another nap (i'm fighting a cold), playing with my kids..

It didn't snag on anything, it's keeping it's shape BEAUTifully.
And I LOVE the material it's made of.
It reminds me of embroidery floss.. but the way it's woven.. it's just gorgeous and intricate.
The colors that she chose for me are spot on. I love neutrals, but I also love jewel tones. And this necklace captures all of that.

Fantastic job, mama!

I highly recommend her store. Fantastic product, and great customer service! Make sure you hop over and say "hi" and mention Reviewed by CC. Think of her for those ladies on your list, at Christmas, birthdays, or just a reason to show your thinking of someone. :)

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