Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cleaning Creations

I got ahold of the shop owner behind KBJ Creations a little while back, and we decided that a good product to review for their store would be.. a reusable swiffer pad!

.. which i HAVE seen before.. and I actually make myself in my store. BUT hers is different than mine.. which makes it unique! :)

"These measure 6 x 12 and have two strips of velcro that secure it to the bottom of your mop head".

Mine are a tad smaller, and have the strips of velcro also.. but i do like that hers have two FULL strips of velcro, whereas mine are not. (I may have to rethink that.. lol)

"It is a 3 layer design comprised of white flannel, terrycloth and an inner layer of microfiber terry."
Mine are 2 layers, the flannel and microfiber.. which I find works just fine for smaller kitchens, etc. In using the one from KBJ Creations, I was able to do my small kitchen and short hallway with the one pad.. and it still looked like it could do the floors of my 1.5 baths just fine. It did take a while to dry, but that's because of the 3 layers being more absorbent. I did a 40 minute drying cycle along with my other towels, and then I laid it out to finish with air-drying.

I did notice another thing about the velcro. It does take some OOMPH to get it off.. it's a very strong velcro.. not a bad thing.. just a heads up. :)

It is serged all the way around, like mine also.. but the fun thing about her stitching is you can customize your thread color. :)
CC Bums: colored material, natural thread.. KBJ Creations: natural colored material, colored thread.. just another observation. :)
You can purchase any that are ready to ship, or ask for a custom color, and she'll whip up right up for you. :)

Price wise, they are both compatible; smaller one (2 layers) $4, larger one (3 layers) $8 each or 3/$20.. so really, about the same.
pros: size, absorbency, strong velcro
cons: velcro, dry time

So I would say, all in all.. if you need something for a smaller area, CC Bums is fine. But you if prefer or NEED something for a larger area, KBJ Creations Swiffer pads are just what you need! :)

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