Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kawaii: Electric Connection

This was a fun review to do. :)
Kawaii sent me some great glitter polishes to try out and show you all!

The first one I used for my mani was Electric Connection. This is fun combination of milk and glitter!
The base is a nice milky color, with blue, green and yellow hex's.. a mix of mini's and mediums.

It's great by itself OR, to brighten it up, you can use a white base coat and use less of it. :) I used it over green (as seen in photos on my pinky) and it looks streaky. So using it over colors, i would discourage. I also did 2 thin coats of it on my right thumb (also in a photo) and that looks nice too. It takes 4 coats to be fully opaque. But I do like the depth that it creates.

The glitters lay nice and flat, no "taco" look which is great!
To me these looked like little pieces of cyberspace floating around on my fingers. :) And it almost doesn't need a top coat on it, it's quite smooth!

All in all, i would give this one 2 thumbs up. :)
Head on over to to check it all out, or the Etsy shop to purchase!

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