Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UNpaper towels.. yay for reusable!

Curwhibbles? What is that?
That's what i thought when i first saw the name of the fanpage. LOL. :)
So i hit the like button to be able to check it out.. i found some fun reusable things!! Diapers.. Unpaper towels.. wait what?

I've heard of them a bit before, tried 1 other brand before.. wasn't "really" impressed.. we use those ones as a hand towel snapped around the oven handle. So they aren't bad. But THIS mama.. had them snapped together.. around a paper towel holder.. covered in PUL.

I was intrigued. And since I generally look for the unique items in a store.. I asked her if she had some material that would match my kitchen (orange and green- earthy), I wanted to try them. WELL! I love the print that we agreed on. :)

And come to find out there are 10(!) unpaper towels on the roll! Since we use paper towels all the time, I wasn't sure how long that would last, but i figured.. eh.. never know until you try it.

I have used them to cover my bowl in the microwave (don't completely cover it, leave a small opening), wipe down my counter and floor messes, mop up splatters around my sink.. even used it under my bacon on a plate. I did use one to put new oil in my cast-iron pan.. yuck. lol paper towels are still useful for that ;). And i like the NOT white terrycloth on the back.. don't have to worry about stains!

BUT DEFINITELY definitely glad i decided to try these. :) CHECK OUT CURWHIBBLES! :)
Besides the fun name (giggle) she's an easy person to work with.. and great products for YOU!

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  1. Congrats, Curwibbles! I am so proud of you and all the great reusable products you've come up with!