Sunday, August 7, 2011

simply for school!

I was asking about different shops on my fanpage, and wondered if anyone made backpacks. I've become so much more aware of different WAHM shops through my wanderings, and I am SO much more inclined to buy homemade products, now, more than ever.

I started emailing the lady behind Simply Sanity Creations and she agreed to make a custom backpack for one of my daughters for school this year as a review item for her store!

The backpacks she makes are custom only.. she's done them for other people, also. You won't find them in her store, because each one is made specifially to the needs of the person purchasing.. which I think is AWESOME because no two people REALLY want to buy the same bag.. different pockets.. compartments.. straps.. different tastes.

This one we created together using the pattern for a Dora "Backpack" :) Complete with star pocket! Hand dyed material, custom printed fabric to match.. it's COMPLETELY lined with sparkly unicorns (my 4 year old, Alivia, is all about horses). VERY EASY for a kid to use! Adjustable shoulder straps.. I'm sold, lol. :)

Hurry and get your bags made for your kids before school starts! You will DEFINITELY be happy with something made by her! for stock items
or her fanpage on facebook to custom order a backpack!


  1. Oh my goodness how cute she looks ... I should add, I made this one tall enough to fit the 'weekly folder' that, at least here, get sent home to be signed.

    I'm glad she likes it

  2. That is really cute! And I agree, I'm all about buying from a WAHM than a store!! Very nice!