Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adorable Designs

I contacted this mama at Christmas time (I was referred to her through another WAHM to get a special to made). I was looking for a Rudolph for my 4 year old.. who has wanted a Rud
olph doll for over a year now.

I was impressed with the response I received, and was happy with how I was taken care of.

And when I received the special toy in the mail, I was SUPER happy with it!
Even my husband said "This is homemade?.. wow.. very nice
job, VERY nice job".
It makes my proud when I have homemade items in my home that I can truly brag about.. and this is one of them.
And my daughter was SO happy with it, too. As you can
see. :)

Thank you, Little Demoura Designs, for blessing our family with a truly amazing product. :)

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