Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Cheeky!

I've been friends with this mama for a while now.. and when she decided to branch out from cloth diapers to also making children's clothing, I was automatically interested in seeing her new product.

She made my 6 year old a long sleeve dress. She dropped it off a little before Christmas.. so this became a Christmas review. :) Which is ALWAYS fun!

And when I do a review, I always check out the product thoroughly.. inside, outside, the structure and construction of it.. i really check it out!

I love all the different prints and panels in this dress.. i love the length, the style, the coverage, and the ease of use (pull on, wash, dry.. doesn't wrinkle..)
The style and the material make it something I would want more of!

Knowing that it's well made AND my princess was happy.. made this product one that i can truly boast about.

Thank you, Beth at Cheeky Threds, for the opportunity to write about your shop. :)

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