Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Brown Beauty

It's been a while since i've gotten the chance to blog about a homemade item! Wow!

I recently found the PERFECT indie brown holographic polish!!
Basically It was my mission to find a brown holo, but i will only buy holo's from Indie makers. It's like a thing for me.. If i'm gifted a holo that's not an indie, fine. But i won't buy Indie's that aren't homemade.

Now that that's been said..

I'm in LOVE! ;)
I had a bit of cash to myself since I've been still doing some small sewing jobs here and there.. now that it's not my main source of income anymore, it's more just like a fun hobby i still do so i can have my own cash in my pocket to do whatever i want with.
Anyway, i was looking to finally purchase a brown indie.. and i was perusing Etsy and there was a whole page i found of brown indie holo's.. but it had to be just right.. right? ;) It couldn't be khaki, it couldn't be poopy or pukey..

I found K*Sea Gales.. Reindeer! Perfect timing.. since I was basically buying it for myself as a Christmas present. ;)
Not to mention this is a 5-free polish, meaning you don't have to worry about nasty chemicals messing with your nails or your health.

(also, I have to tell you.. amazingly great application. 1 COAT is really all it took!)
And then I also use to to do some detailing.. fantastic.
Seriously.. I can't say enough good about it. :)
The shop owner is super nice, the shipping was quick and well packaged. Just for me.. this nail polish experience has been 100% across the board. ;)
Ok i'll stop gushing now and give you the link to her shop HERE and her Facebook page HERE.
Scroll down and check out the pictures of this amazing polish.

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