Thursday, December 11, 2014

let's Jam

well, another item i wouldn't usually write about, since the product itself isn't homemade.. but since, it's let YOU be creative, i took a stab at it. :)

Victoria Savo, a long time friend and customer that i met through my own WAHM business, is now a WAHM herself. She's in the business of beauty.
As a Jamberry nails representative, she's able to stay home with her brood, help ladies enjoy easy nail designs (at a decent price!), and bring in a bit of income she can be proud of!
Now I've tried Jamberry Nail Wraps in the past, and I've always had a bit of an issue with the tips being "bubbly".. they didn't lay flat. And since I like paint better (can change it more often), I've just always gone with nail polish.

BUT.. she showed me a way to take care of the bubbling.. I tried it, and it worked really well! It's called the plastic bag trick!
check this out :)

One coat of the purple varnish

Two coats of the purple, and 1 coat of the Matte top coat

Also, since Jamberry is a smart company, they have come out with some nail paint varnishes of their own! :) And they have sheets of just ACCENT nail wraps.. which is what Victoria sent me. They are so fun! :) I ended up using the "Jamberry" nail wrap; had the logo and the name on it. My tiny pinky's didn't pick up much of the lettering, but i love that i had the logo on my nail. :)

The finished product
They turned out really well!
The nail paints are a really great polish as well. They are creamy, they really only took once coat (which i'm not used to, lol), so I ended up painting two coats anyway.
And after 4 days (working at Kohls customer service, doing business at home, laundry, regular mom stuff) they still looked like they could go a bit more. (But because i'm who I am, i decided I wanted to change them, lol).

After 4 days wear and tear
I will say that having the help of the personal consultant to figure out how to fix my problem, and the ability to try a new product.. really helped me like the nail wraps more. Even if i don't do a full mani with them, I love the idea of the accent wrap.

Head over to her sales page and check them out for yourself.

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