Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Crocheted Half-shell, Turtle Power

I saw this cute little store on Facebook when I was perusing one day, and I approached the owner about wanting to post her cute creations on my blog. She was glad that I reached out to her.. and promptly asked me a few questions about my needs before starting the custom product..
ALL of her hats are custom only.

Which intrigued me at first, but then again, makes sense. Wouldn't it be nicer to have the product customized and still receive it quickly, rather than to purchase something ready made, get it in the same amount of time, and HOPE it works out for you?

My oldest daughter is a TMNT fan, and her favorite color is blue. So she created this beautiful hat for my 8 year old.. and as you can see.. she LOVED it. :) (the blur in the left photo is from her jumping up and down, repeatedly).

 Jazmine and her favorite, Leonardo

I, myself, have been crocheting for years.. So I did a thorough inspection of the product. This was VERY well done. The stitching is all even, there are no string that were untucked, the ear flaps were attached so well I could barely tell there was a seam.

The only thing my daughter told me she didn't like (which has also happened with other crocheted hats in our household before) is that it was sort of itchy. I brought this up to Amanda (Sweet Dreams by AJ), and she recommended..
"You could always try hand washing in the sink and using conditioner on it. It helps to soften the yarn a bit"

I will be trying this! Thank you, Amanda, for the suggestion!

I would recommend her store not only for the beautifully made product, but also for the customer service, based on how I was treated. Respectful, talented, and great communication.
Head over to her Facebook page Sweet Dreams by AJ to view many other fantastically made items, and let her know CC sent you. :)

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