Monday, July 28, 2014

Literally.. pic heavy

I've been drewling over this store's products for quite some time now, so when there was a chance to win a giveaway, I was all over it! AND GUESS WHAT?! :D
I was only supposed to win 3, but since I was going to blog about it, she was so awesome and included a 4th. :)
(One thing I love about "homemade" stores.. the shop owners are so warm and giving.)
What an awesome variety of work. :)

A Midsummer Nights Dream:
This polish was created to evoke the starry midnight sky as seen through the eyes of a fairy. Deep shimmery blue, with small gold squares, black hexes, and holographic gold hexes, this polish shimmers and glows on the nail, drawing you into its dream world.

The depth of this polish is pretty awesome. :) Even just used as a top coat on the light blue and dark blue middle fingers, this really makes me feel like laying on my back at night and staring at the sky. Creamy application.. the larger hexes threw me off just a bit, actually. They looked like they might "taco" (curl up at the edges) but it was just the light reflecting on them. :) Very dimensional. 

pointer and thumb: 2 layers
pinky: 1 layer
middle and ring: 1 layer each over light blue and royal

Annabel Lee:
Annabel Lee is a grey creme-jelly packed with holographic and iridescent microglitter and opalescent flakies. It's best at three coats or worn over a creme base. It's inspired by the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.

I've never had a jelly polish, so this was different for me. I really liked the consistency, i love the gray base, i'm a sucker for neutrals with sparkle. :) And using it as a topper over the brighter colors actually worked out well! It actually helped mute the stark white and the bright orange, so if you have some fluorescent polishes that you want to wear without them being so bright, this would be great to layer over it!

pointer and thumb: 2 layers
pinky: 1 layer
middle and ring: 1 layer each over white and orange

Mina is true, sweet and noble, the absolute model of Victorian domestic propriety. It takes 4 men to save her from the clutches of Count Dracula. Mina never does manage to break out of that mold, sadly, her virtue remains unsullied until the end.

Mina nail lacquer is a blackened violet packed with violet shimmer and glitter, it truly comes alive in the sun with a stunning deep purple flash.

I was almost second guessing this one.. I wasn't sure if I would like it just by seeing it in the bottle. But there was something intriguing about it. I can see what it was now. This shows an amazing depth and an awesome flash of purple.. and I love that the blackened base color isn't super out there, it's a good muted color, but not boring. This also almost had a jelly feel to it, but not as thick. 

pointer and thumb: 2 coats
pinky: 1 coat
middle and ring: 1 coat each over purple and black

More Like Fire than Light:
More Like Fire Than Light is a juicy orange linear holographic polish. Full coverage in 2 coats. In my experience, topcoat does not dull the holographic effect.

This is such a beautiful holo. I love fall colors, and this is just awesome. It's really an all year round color! The only thing that was "weird" to me was that after 2 coats, I could still slightly see my nail tips through it. But sometimes I have a tendency to apply thin layers, so it could just be me. :) Makes me think of a sunset, sunrise, sun in the sky.. just all around, a great sunny color without it being really bright. (And I had fun using it as a base with some little roller coasters and KI for Kinds Island.. going on family vacation in two days!)

3 layers on ring finger
2 layers on the rest

I highly recommend these polishes, and I recommend this shop for the quality of the product, the great customer service, and the fact that you can support a great WAHM instead of spending money at a chain store. So many more beautiful colors from this lady..
visit the fan page on Facebook, and shop their Etsy store.

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