Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sowing the Seed Beads

The name of this store intrigues me. :) I reached out to the owner to tell her about what I do here on my blog to help with publicity. I was told that a pair of earrings would be sent out. I was not prepared for the package that came to me! WOW!

"I specialize in making beaded jewelry. I make earrings (stud, ear pins, and dangle), bracelets (I add charms if requested), and necklaces. I charge $5-10 for earrings, $10 for bracelets, and $15 for necklaces. Shipping is always $3 and can be combined."
So PRICED well, GREAT customer service, from what I experienced.. and look at these products. :)

How cute! I love the variety of the beads that were on the items i received. I love long earrings.. so I was glad they were all dangles. But the are shorter dangles.. making them more versatile, and I think, easier for more customers. The only thing I prefer is having a back on my earrings, but i just go to Joanne Fabrics and buy a cheap pack of the rubber ends. :) No big deal.

I would give this store a 4-star rating, just from what I see.. only because I always know there is room for improvement. :)
Head on over to the Facebook fan page and say "hi!" :)
Don't forget to spend a minute perusing.. and enjoy the products you purchase! I know I do. :)

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