Friday, June 13, 2014

a different kind of WAHM: the blogger

now before you run away from this post.. a blogger writing about a blogger.. how is that a homemade product? how is that income?
i wanna tell you something..

the thing she makes.. is a blog (she's using her talent for writing) about beauty (she's using her passion for, well, beauty).
and the reason she does it?
i didn't ask her.. because i already know.
after doing some thinking of my own.. why would an unpaid beauty blogger want to remain an unpaid beauty blogger?
(yes UNPAID! we'll get to that soon)

because her love and passion for all things beauty related (makeup, skin care, nail polish, etc) is what motivates her.
to show us the wonderful products that are out there and tell us her opinion.. this is the only way we can get a good summary of products. from people writing their opinions.
retail companies constantly ask people, through emails and surveys, their opinions on products before they roll em out.

and she's doing this, unpaid, because she WANTS to.
she doesn't care about the income because guess what? it's payment enough for her to help people.. to share her knowledge with us is all she wants. :)

*whew.. so.. ON to the reason i picked a beauty blogger.. I WON A GIVEAWAY! :) lol
yes.. nail polish.. WOOP! so me ;)
Over the Top Coat is a blog i like to follow.. and she had a giveaway.

got them in the mail- check
swatched them in my wheel- check
decided to use at least one in my new mani- check.. what i DIDN'T realize was this was a textured polish.. so i got a little bonus treat on my nails :D

she had EXCELLENT customer service, an outgoing personality, and i always love her photos and how she writes. :)

if you're looking or thinking about following a beauty blog to see someone's honest opinion about new products AND have some fun.. please follow Over the Top Coat (and like the Facebook page while you're at it!)
tell her CC sent you ;)

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  1. Aw, thanks so much! You're too sweet and I'm so glad you like your prizes :)