Monday, March 31, 2014

horses and pigtails

I was looking for someone to help me get a special horse dress for my middle daughters' birthday. This lady found me in a WAHM group and said she could work with me! So we decided to trade! She was very easy to work with, she even ordered special material for it. :)

Through messaging, and photos, and patience, and shipping.. I have come to respect this lady, tell that she takes pride in her work, and appreciate hard working moms even more.

The adorable dresses posted on her Facebook page lead me to love her product without even having it yet. Well-made, conservative little girls clothing, with a price tag that's affordable and competitive.

I am very happy with the quality of materials, the workmanship.. the care that I can tell she puts into all her pieces.

I love that the top of this dress is a soft white cotton, and it's a good thickness (can't see through it, like quite a few white stretch knits do). I love that the straps and binding around the top are a soft, stretch elastic (I believe it's FOE- fold over elastic). I love the length of the ribbon on the back.. I can tie a nice bow and it'll still have a good tail on it. And the length of the skirt is also important to me, since with having girls, I don't like to see little panties flashed. This is a great addition to our wardrobe.. and I highly recommend this mama's store to anyone else!

As you can see, my daughter loves it too. ;)

Head over to her page, check out some already made items, previous customs, and fabrics she has available. :)

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