Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Support the Cause!

I honestly don't remember how I stumbled upon this mama's beautiful items. It could be because I was checking out breast cancer awareness.. and her complete store is donated to promoting the cause.

I think it's really cool what this mom is doing. Every item she sells, 20% of the profit goes towards a local breast cancer charity. And the headband that I received for this is just one example of the beautiful work she does.

It's a simple wire headband, wrapped with gold ribbon, and is embellished with CROCHETED ribbon, with some beautiful little pearls added to give it a simple, fun, timeless look.
I have to admit, I was a little worried that the lightweight of the headband wouldn't stay in my hair very well.. but after I'd had it on for even 10 minutes, I forgot I was wearing it! lol. Very comfortable, not so tight it pinches, like a lot of the commercial plastic ones do.
It's VERY well made.. and among the other beautiful items she makes are more beautiful crocheted creations!
My eldest daughter fell in love with this when she saw it. She thought it looked like a little bird nest. LOL. So I had to let her try it on. And guess what?? It was PERFECT for her. She has a tendency to play with her headbands, and a lot of times, she breaks them, because of the cheap plastic. I didn't even worry about this one AT ALL because even at first site, I could tell it was well made and very sturdy. She wore it for a good hour, and even though she's a rambunctious child, and all over the place.. it slipped around a little.. but was GREAT! And totally matched her personality. :)

There are other beautiful crocheted headbands stocked in the etsy store right now, etsy.com/crafts4acause.. there is a crocheted RUFFLED purse, breast cancer ribbon ornaments.. and more very unique, one of a kind pieces!
You have GOT to see these items. :)

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