Monday, December 20, 2010

embellished creative genius

Jasmin Murphy of My Baby Bug does an AWESOME job with all her products :)
embellished t's, reversible pocket bibs, fleece socks, and homemade dolls.. but she doesn't stop there. :)

All the details on her dolls are HAND STITCHED!!
I requested one of these dolls for my daughters birthday.. and it's so CUTE!
I let Zoe pick out the type of doll, and the fabric.. she picked butterbean and this pretty little floral. :)
Jasmin made it with Zoe's eye color and a little tuft of hair, to match zoe's little bit of hair. Haha. :)

Definitely was not dissapointed. :) It is ADORABLE.. and totally personalized. :) And my daughter loves her. :)
And.. as you can see.. dolly needed to wear leggies, too. ;)

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