Sunday, December 5, 2010

who wants some hair fun?

I again had the pleasure of receiving an item from Little Heart Boutique.

This time I purchased a custom hair tie for my 3.5 year old, and decided to tell everyone about it.. because I love it!!

I was able to choose the colors myself.. and having 3 girls, I decided to go with something that would compliment all three of them.. so they can all use it. Pinks and Browns, and some fun with stars. ;)

I am so happy with the outcome of it. And my little girl LOVES to have it in her hair. :) She's very proud of her "pretty hair tie".. as she is a princess (lol).

I'm sure you would also enjoy 1.. or 2.. or 3 of your own. :) The price was great also! Totally unique, customizable and affordable.

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