Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monsters? more like Cuties :)

Mommy's Little Monsters worked with me to figure out a review item for her store. She ended up surprising me with a Rapunzel hair crown, and a pretty little button headband, with interchangeable flowers!

My 5 year old, Jazmine, says "I very, very VERY love it, and always want to wear it, but Alivia wants to wear it, too" (my 4 year old). Alivia says "I always really want to wear it, too. It's pretty". When I asked Zoe if she likes her flower headband, she says "yes, I do". :) So there ya go!

My kids love the products. I like them too. :) The are very well made.. the crown on the headband is GREAT! It's very sturdy, not floppy, to which I was pleasantly surprised. So it stands up better, instead of flopping over, like some crochet would do. It might be the kind of yarn she uses.. or the way she does it. I'm not sure. I just know that all of us are very happy with it. :)

The only "change" I would make to the products is on the headband.. using a bigger button. The flowers seem to come off pretty easily. Apparently this "fix" is already in process. Which is awesome. :) Great job on these products. :)
(I had too many photos to post IN the review, so they are all below.. lol)

You can contact her with any questions you may have, or a custom you'd like done!

Also, check her websites for more products and information!
StuffbySpanky on etsy.com


  1. the photos are all so cute!!! That crown is awesome!!!

  2. So cute, she does great work!

  3. Love her stuff, I've got 2 headbands in the mail that I won through her auction, so excited to get them, I think she's doing a giveaway right now too!

  4. She does do an amazing job! We received a headband from her and we love it! I also LOVE the Rapunzel crown! Keep up the great work!

  5. I agree her items are amazing. My daughter has a head band and an owl hat. We love them both, they are excellent quality and you can see in the details how much she cares about her customers! I can't wait to get my son a cowboy's hat!