Thursday, June 2, 2011

flowers for mama

I got this beautiful pillowcase top from Sarah at Rusty's Baby Boutique; she wanted to try out a pattern for an adult top. I was glad to accept the challenge :)

I got to pick the print of the cotton, and she told me what she was adding for trim.

So when I got this package in the mail Saturday, I was very eager to open it and try it on.

When I pulled it out, i love the material even more than in the picture :) It looked like it was going to be a bit small.

I wore it to church the next day over a tshirt (it gets kinda' cold in my church building). And Monday, I wore it for our family Memorial Day lunch by itself. Both times, I have to say, it fit.. perfectly. :)

I guess Zumba is paying off? HAHA. :)
But YES! I love the top. :) The way it was sewn was great, the fit was great, I love the material.. how easy it is to adjust the straps/neckline.

Overall.. VERY good product. Thank you Sarah for sending me this. :) If anyone wants to order an adult top from her.. I RECOMMEND IT! :)

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