Thursday, May 16, 2013

Holo-y goodness!

I recently entered a giveaway on Ellagee's Fanpage and I don't usually win anything.. but hey, you never WILL win anything unless you enter giveaways, right? So here was to hoping! :)
(she does a weekly giveaway, starting every monday!)

And I got to pick out any full-size bottle of nail polish from her store! WHAT?!
I was SO excited.

I found this pretty grayish holographic polish.. and thought, hey, I only have like 2 holo's, maybe 3.. let's go for that.

DUDE! You don't even NEED the sunlight for THIS holo to be amazing!!

I love how it's not too thick.. it's a fantastic neutral holo.. that you can see the rainbowy goodness from any light.. it's such a smooootth formula, and it's so choc full the glitters, you don't have to worry about not having enough coverage.
I did a dark Zoya blue on my ring finger, and the rest got a nice Orly purple. And after I put on the holo, my inital response was "oh shoot.. it looks too thick, it's not gonna show the color at all". NOT SO.

It ACCENTED the color from underneath.. and the under color made it look like the holo itself had a base color. (I hope you followed that).

I know I wasn't sent this polish to DO a review, but I just had to share. Enjoy the following photos!
and make sure you grab one at

indoor lighting
in the one below, you can see the blue and the purple

 and this is what happens with just the flash on the camera going off. that's not even sunlight!
 THIS is sunlight! (3 pics)

 inside photo with my webcam.. a beautiful gray with nail art :)
 just the light from the flash on my camera again.. unbelievable!

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