Wednesday, August 14, 2013

what i won from Demiflux

Ok, first of all.. the name of this store is intriguing.. what first drew me to her store.. because it doesn't, in general, point to any specific type of merchandise.

but you KNOW it's going to be a unique type of product.
that an understatement.

Yes, many people make jewelry, yes, there are many different mediums to choose from when creating artistic, original products.
But i am totally in love with the way she puts things together, the tools she uses, and the originality of it all.

You can see in the picture of what she sent that the colors are not your everyday pallet.
I've come to find out what she does to create her rainbow spectrum.
"I would say about half of what you see is clear nail polish with paint powders and loose glitter. As if I am making franken polish in tiny batches. This is the reason it's difficult sometimes to replicate my pieces. The other half is with purchased nail polish. Only a few of my pieces implement other mediums as I explore and tinker."

So really.. REALLY.. this is a fantastic, original product!
When you can go to a store, and seriously, the products you see are one of a kind.. never made the exact same way twice?
I love that.
Also? Her customer service? Impeccable. Easy to talk to.. basis what she sends on what you like.. responds in a timely matter.

and what she sent me.. floored me. i was only expecting 1 or 2 items, since that's what giveaway was for. this lady went above and beyond.
2 rings, 2 earrings, and a pendant. just gorgeous.
and the earrings? are so lightweight and delicate, you can't even tell you're wearing them. they're simple.. yet beautiful. :)

thanks so much Demiflux for the giveaway, and allowing me to review for you!

everyone.. seriously..
head on over to her Facebook to check everything out, and her Etsy, to see the fantastic things this lady can do.

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