Monday, July 22, 2013

Darling Divas: Like a Virgin

Wow.. i'm to the last review of this series.
I have to say, all in all, Darling Diva Polish has become one of my favorite stores.
Not just because they have fantastic polishes, decent prices, and fun combos, but also because the customer service is extraordinary, and you can tell she totally loves what she does.

Now.. onward and upward.

This last one from the Madonna line is called "Like a Virgin". I LOVE the classic combo of white and silver. There are tiny white circles, little silver flecks, large silver circles, white bars, and some cute little white hearts throughout! My favorite part about this one? The BLUE! Do you see them?! The little blue pieces floating willy nilly.. just adding a FUN little FLAVOR to this polish I haven't seen in others. Definitely unique and full of flair! (Just like Madonna!)

I got quite a few compliments on this manicure. Heck, if i saw someone wearing it, i would say something, too. It's very "out of the box". And again, even though it looks super dense in the bottle, it's just the right coverage once it's on!

I put 2 layers on my pinky, and i felt like piling on more. HAHA. And for me, that's funny, because I do not generally glob on glitter! :)

I hope you all enjoyed the Darling Diva series on the blog..
AND I hope you hop on over to the Facebook page, if you haven't yet!
If you're ready for a purchase, click here to go to her Etsy store and shop around! :)

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