Monday, July 15, 2013

Darling Divas: Holiday

For the second manicure in my Darling Diva Polish blog lineup.. is a fun circle glitter called Holiday.. also in the Madonna line :)

I got SO many compliments on this one!!
I was torn on what color to use as a base, because there are so many fun colors in the glitter itself, I opted for a nice neutral white and gray.

The colors in this glitter really POPPED!
And it's SUCH a smooth application.. even with bedazzling my pinky, it didn't take much to get all the glitters I wanted!

AND with it having so many colors, and a great complimenting personality (did I just say nail polish has a personality?!), it really is a universal glitter.
Great for wear.. it barely had any wear signs (chipping, etc) by the time I decided to change my mani. I would say if you like this (which.. really.. you'd be a fool not to).. head over to her store and grab a bottle!! :)
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and shop the polishy goodness on Etsy.

Keep an eye out for the last Darling Diva review coming up soon!

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