Monday, July 18, 2011

More Than Wool

I don't remember how I found this shop, but i'm glad I did. :)
Bellwethers Dryer Balls is a shop that is dedicated to reusing materials we already have. She's been doing amazing things with tshirts and mens ties!

I was lucky enough to recieve a tshirt necklace and a bar of rainbow wool felted soap!

The necklace I wore to work the same day I got it in the mail. :) I got so many comments on it, and I actually gave a lady the info to order one for herself! :D The rosette on it is TOO cool. She uses the hem of the tshirt, so it's thick enough to keep it's shape, and it's wound just right, so it won't fall apart or loosen up.

The wool bar of soap was a bit of a learning curve. I tried to use it as a bar of soap usually would be used (slather it on your washcloth or pouf, then wash your body), but that didn't work very well. So I asked her about it.. and apparently I was supposed to just slather up with the bar of soap ITSELF.. so there's no need for a washcloth! Which, I think, is an ingenious idea. :) Cuts down on laundry, it feels so nice and soft on your skin, but yet it's also scrubby. And the scent of the soap is SO nice. It's just a fantastic "clean" smell.. I was sniffing my skin all day. lol. :)

I'm going to give Bellwethers 2 thumbs up..
for unique products..
for great customer service..
and for creating things from preowned products, so we're not making MORE things to throw out, we're keeping things FROM being thrown out.

Thank you for this opportunity. :)
Check out her facebook page here.


  1. I've been wanting to try a wool soap bar.. I think it would be awesome too!

  2. so is there a bar of soap inside the wool? sounds interesting. I love the rosette on the t-shirt necklace, a cute idea. I usually just layer them with different color tees. I'm going to have to stop by her shop!

  3. yup, there's a bar of organic soap inside the wool! and the wool is super soft. :) my bar is almost gone HAHA