Friday, January 24, 2014

My First Business Post :) CC Bums in the making

Hi there :)
This is Cami.. the mom behind CC Bums :)
If you didn't already know.. the lady behind the blog about homemade items.. is also a WAHM :)

A little background on me.. I started sewing when I was about 8 years old. My mom taught me many things about "do it yourself".. and I'm passing that on to my girls.

God also gave me the opportunity, through the resources of a friend online, to start making diapers for my girls about 7 years ago, just using things I had laying around the house.. sweatshirts, towels, tshirts, receiving blankets, sheets, hoodies.. to make some simple pocket diapers that i could pin and use for any size.
And through this, I was also able to start a business.. Cami Court's Bums.. aka CC Bums. :)

I started on March 15, 2009 as a business in my home.. using a simple old Singer sewing machine, on my kitchen table, with a tupperware tote of fabric.
Mama cloth, family cloth and one-size cotton pocket fitted diapers were the start of something pretty awesome. :)

I've created my own patterns for products over the years.. improving and testing things.. we're going on our 5 year anniversary this March.. and i'm so grateful for all the people who have helped me and stuck with me along the way. :)
I'm super grateful to my husband, owner of BDC Productions ( for learning with me the many benefits of using cloth products and living a green lifestyle!

And now I get the chance to show LOTS more people through the work that I do, how beneficial and affordable reusable products really are! :)

I hope you stick around.. I'm excited to show you all some great information about "green living" and the products that I provide!

Cami Court
CC Bums
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