Thursday, January 30, 2014

polish from La Bella Vernice

I received some beautiful WAHM polishes as a 30th birthday gift from a secret mama!
And i couldn't be more in love!

Starting off.. "Mars in the Stars" is a beautiful textured polish.. sheer and smooth!
Now.. honestly, when I put on the first coat I was skeptical that I wouldn't have to put on a top coat, since it was textured (I generally like smooth nails).. but this isn't chunky! It's a very "polished" (no pun intended) polish. ;)
I love that the sheerness of it has a beautiful orangey-corally tint.. I used 3 layers, since it was my main color, and not a topper this time.
Then I foiled the accent nail and added a tip. And you can't really tell even with the polished tip, that's it's textured underneath. It's a fine texture, and a light enough tint, to where it's super versatile!

 The second one I pulled out and used was a holo.. and talk about HOLO! "Jozzibug" is just.. (pick a word that means stunning.. but more)! I used it as an accent this time, hoping it wouldn't be too overpowering. The color is ah-MAZE-ing.. and the holographicness (yes, i just added a word to the dictionary) is stunning.. you can see it from any angle, from any source of light.. even withOUT extra light!
I. AM. IN. LOVE. And you should be too.
The application is fantastic.. it's not thick, it's not thin, it doesn't run, it doesn't streak.. am I allowed to say it's the most perfect application I've ever had with a polish? (.. I just did)
You'd be a fool not to have this in your collection! Even just to stare at. ;)


Last, but definitely not least, is the mini "Feeling Shameless".. color changer! ALSO holographic! I've never had one before and I have to say, it's pretty cool to watch it.. well.. change. :)
I literally put it under warm water, cool water, warm water, cool water.. you get the idea.. just to watch it. LOL.
And just like the last one, the application is fantastic. :)
I am a purple freak, and this shade is just stunning.


You all are crazy if you don't at least check out her store..
go to her Facebook Page to connect with her, and from there you can click on her store link!

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