Thursday, January 30, 2014

the CC Bib

I created this bib out of necessity. 
I didn't like how other bibs weren't.. absorbent enough, weren't wide enough, I didn't like the closure, how easy it was for the kid to take off, they weren't long enough, I couldn't get all the crumbs out of the pocket, I didn't like having to wipe down the plastic bibs.. the list goes on!

So I took what I knew I DIDN'T want, and made a pattern of the bib that would fix all of that!!

"CC Bibs are 7 inch long x 10 inch wide, and have three size adjustments on the wings, to allow them to fit from little baby to big messy toddler, with the coverage you need to keep the ick off the shirt!

They are snap closure.. your little one cannot rip this off!"

I love that I can play with the materials on these, too. And in the end, all of them are the same absorbency.. from minkee to flannel, fleece backed for waterproofing or terrycloth.. even an extra layer of cotton for super spitters (upon request)!

I love that the pocket snaps closed.. so it's easy for the parent to open and clean!

And if you don't need to USE the pocket, you can open it up and lay it flat for extra coverage on the child!
Hand washing?! Not this bib! Just throw it in the wash and you're good to go! :) 

I'm super stoked about this product :) 

And it's super affordable!! from $5-8 each.. they last the life of your child! (my husband even put it on, and it fit around his neck HAHA)

check them out and purchase HERE :) 

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