Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Patty Cake Makes :)

What Does Patty Cake Make?! fantastic things! too many great things to list.. lol.

WELL we recieved a crocheted soaker from her!
It wasn't actually for a review item.. but i really think you should see it. :)
I've always wanted a soaker with the ruffly legs.. CHECK! got that :D
I've always wanted a soaker with flowers on the butt.. CHECK! got that :D

And i've always wanted to try wool as a pair of bloomers :) CHECK!

I don't lanolize them, 'cause i don't use it as a diaper cover.. but i LOVE how soft they are.. and they're very well made!

Just want to say thanks to Ms. Patty Carignan.. good job making what you make!
Check out all her wonderful things at What Patty Cake Makes on facebook

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