Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indie Polish- Ruby White Tips #1

I was on the lookout for some more Independent polish makers, so I could shed some light on this amazing homemade product.. and Ruby White Tips was referred to me.
She definitely let me "shed some light" on it!

I purchased a mystery box.. and she sent me 3 beautiful colors AND threw in a pendant, so I could make my own polish jewelry! HOW COOL! (that will be in the 3rd review post).
Since these polishes are all so gorgeous, I've decided to give each polish a review of it's own!

First off.. I fell in love with this beautiful light blue, almost periwinkle shade, glitter polish.
Now, what I DIDN'T know about this polish came as a fun surprise! It's a holo! Holo meaning holographic.. there are special micro-glitters added to it that cause an amazing rainbow effect.. ESPECIALLY when the sun hits it.

This polish is nice a creamy.. not thick, not runny, just the right consistency.. I didn't even have to do any cleanup with it. It stayed right on the nail, and the tiny bit that I accidentally got on my skin just wiped right off while wet.
It almost has a gradient effect.. which might be because of the holo, or just because of they way I applied it. Now, you could honestly just leave this at 1 coat.. it's a beautiful "not quite sheer" color, which could also be used ALMOST as a top coat! But I ended up with 2 coats on, and I think that's the perfect coverage for this! You could ad one more for full opacity, if you prefer.

The glitter is very dense, but it's so tiny it's a VERY easy application, and not gritty at all, though without top coat, it looks like it gives the nail some texture!

Now the way I figured out it was a holo.. I was taking some pics in the sun, and i kept seeing these little rainbows jumping out at me.. I was like "what the heck? did i accidentally leave on some of my other polish?" Taking a closer look, there were little rainbows all over in it! OMGOSH it's a holo!
{ACTION! Grab camera, take a million pics (literally 137) and start giggling} Yes, I know, totally nerdy of me.. but it's my first holo, and it made me all giddy.. living up to it's name "TWENTYONE".. made me feel super young again. :)

If I were you, I would head over to or ever her Facebook page, and see if you can grab one of these!


  1. very pretty!!! will definitely have to put ths on the "to try" list!!

  2. SUCH a pretty blue! It'd be so pretty over a purple or darker blue to make it lighter, too. Love it!